foto de David dando plática sobre la vaquita marina

My name is David and I am currently studying 8th grade at High Point International School and I am part of season four of buildspace's Night & Weekends program, where you turn your ideas into reality.

My interest in Vaquita Marinas originated in December 2021 when I saw a news article that mentioned that there were only about 8 specimens left in the world. Searching for more information on the subject, I found the case of Abigail, a 14-year-old girl who created a collection of Beluga art which she sold as NFTs to support an organization that tries to save these whales. That same week I drew my first Vaquita and started my blog on the subject.

The Problem

In the northern Gulf of California, the Vaquita Marina lives, and according to a study from June this year, there are only about 10 specimens left. This is because the swim bladder of the Totoaba fish, which lives in the same area as the Vaquita, is sold in China for up to $8,000 per kilogram because some believe it has healing properties. As a result, fishermen use many nets that end up trapping both species.


A social entrepreneurship project aimed at raising awareness worldwide about the possible extinction of the Vaquita Marina by creating a collection of digital art with the support of 10,000 artists of all ages from around the world, to be sold as NFTs, and donating the funds raised to organizations that are trying to save them.


So far, my project has been supported by the Chihuahua Youth Institute (ICHIJUV) with 5,000 pesos to develop part of the website. Magio Bustillos from has supported me in the technical aspects, and thanks to him, I applied to Buildspace. Carlos Navarro from Haz la lucha has taught me how to use artificial intelligence tools to create content and is helping me connect with organizations that can support the project.

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